Protect your contents

On this page you can find some good advice for packaging your moving goods before it is to be transported around Europe. In this way, you can help ensure that your goods arrive safely without damage.

All goods MUST be packed, otherwise it is not covered by our transport insurance, and will be at the customer's own responsibility.

Moving boxes

There are many different types of moving boxes.
At EU Transport we recommend using moving boxes with a thickness of 7 mm. This allows them to keep stacked and not break when moving around with them. Put heavy stuff at the bottom of the box - The moving boxes must MAX WEIGHT 20 KG. and it should be completely closed, preferably with tape. If the box weighs more than 20 Kg, SKAL den pakkes om i 2 flyttekasser, ellers vil den ikke blive lastet på bilen.

It is also important to wrap any fragile items in bubble wrap or similar before lying in the moving box.

Remember to name all the moving boxes!

Television / TV

It is important that your TV is wrapped well. The best way is to wrap it in the cardboard box it was delivered in from new, the next best solution is to get a "bike box" from the local bike dealer and get one of his completed bicycle boxes. These you can wrap your TV in with blankets or similar, so it is protected in the box.

If you do not have the option of any of the above mentioned solutions, make sure that your TV is well wrapped in blankets / corrugated plastic and or a splash box.

If not properly wrapped, the right of complaint lapses.

Remember to write your name!

Bicycles / Electric bicycles

Bicycles must have been "steered" before pickup and pedals must be removed. The bike should very much be securely wrapped in cardboard or blankets, and then any bicycle baskets must be removed.

Electric bicycles should be treated just like regular bicycles, and the battery must be removed and put in a bag or small cardboard box.

Remember to write your name!


Paintings must be properly packaged, either with rugs, or bubble wrap. Alternatively, get it wrapped up in a pop-up moving box. It would also be a good idea to have it wrapped in a wooden box if it is is a large painting, which the insurance company requires.

If your painting is not packaged correctly, it will not be covered by our insurance.

Remember to write your name!

Mattresses / comforters / pillows

Mattresses are wrapped in plastic.

Duvets and pillows are packed in sacks or the like.

Remember to write your name!

Glass tables

Glass panels can be very fragile. That is why we also require them to be wrapped securely in either bubble wrap, blankets or cardboard - Rather too much wrapping than none at all.

If not properly wrapped, the right of complaint lapses.

Remember to write your name!

Sofas / furnitures

Sofas and other furniture must also be packed before we pick them up at the address. If they are not properly packaged, the transport will be at the customer's own responsibility and the furniture will not be covered under our insurance.

Remember to write your name!

Insurance & cancellation

EU Transport has extensive experience in transporting moving goods for our customers throughout Europe. And fortunately, it goes without a hitch the vast majority of the time. But should the damage happen, we are of course covered so that the customer can get a cover. damage through the insurance companies we use.

Cancellation of booked tour!

Of course, for some reason you may have to cancel the order that has already been made with us.

Sker dette mellem 4 – 7 dage før turens start dato, vil kunden skulle betale 25% af den aftalte pris der er lavet ved bestilling af plads på bilen.

If the booking is canceled 4 days or less before the tour is set to start, the customer will still have to pay full price for the booked space as we do not have the opportunity to book a new customer for this space before departure.

EU Transport cannot be held responsible for the following:


  • Invalid / defective packaged goods
  • Goods that the customer or his / her assistants themselves process, during load and / or unload.
  • Goods received without reservation due to damage.
  • Goods that the customer himself has packed in boxes, containers, cartons, baskets, furniture or the like, unless upon receipt it is found that EU Transport has caused visible damage to the packaging.
  • All types of electrical equipment, unless EU Transport has caused visible damage. (including refrigerators and freezers)
  • Goods which for some reason cannot withstand the normal effects of handling or / and transport.
  • EU Transport is not responsible for the loss or damage of money, money effects, jewelery, gold, silver, gems....
  • Scratches are not covered by the insurance on used furniture.







Insurance & Liability

Insurance / Liability regarding movements

All moving loads are covered during transport up to 50,000Dkr. per item, provided that the rules for wrapping are followed.

However, there is a deductible of DKK 2,500Dkr. per customer.

EU Transport benytter CMR Fragtbrevsforsikring, samt ekstra forsikring under transporten, derfor kan vores kunder også være sikre på at vi er godt dækket ind, når vi transportere jeres flyttegods.

Should you e.g. have a very valuable painting or the like. it is also possible to take out extra insurance through your own insurance company, where it can often be cheaper than using EU Transport's own insurance company.

Fortunately, our history says that there has been virtually no damage to cargo we have shipped at EU Transport


126 / 5.000 Oversættelsesresultater In the event of visible damage or defects, the complaint must be made immediately and a maximum of 24 hours after receipt of the transported goods.
Failure to do so may not result in a claim for damages against EU Transport.

Control of moving goods

EU Transport reserves the right to make routine checks on the freight we transport for our customers.
Here we look for weapons, Europhysics, or other illegal items that must not be transported across borders - We also do spot checks in collaboration with Spanish police, who, along with their drug dog, take a ride in the car before departing from southern Spain.
If we find something, we will pass on the information about who owns the transfer property to the police, who will then be contacted by the appropriate authorities.

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