Denne tur starter ud fra Danmark ca. den 20-21 august 2020, hvor vi kører mod Costa del Sol.
Vi samler op på sjælland den 20. august og på Fyn og Jylland den 21. august 2020.
Note that we drive in a truck as shown in the picture shown below, therefore this requires that it can arrive at the address in Denmark.

We offer collections / deliveries in the countries we come through on our trip to the South.
Countries to which you can transport your cargo to or from are as follows:

Denmark - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Portugal

If you want to book for your moving goods, you can do so via E-mail or contact us on tel .: +45 93831718 hvis du skulle have spørgsmål til fragten.

We offer transport of the following goods:

  • Furnitures
  • Cars & motorcycles
  • Cool & frost
  • Farlig gods
  • Jet skis, boats & scooters
  • Samt meget mere

You can advantageously download our "Shipping Form" on the front page where you can fill in the different fields we need, in order to offer you a very good price on your transport of moving goods.

NB! Dit flyttegods skal være klar til afhentning 3-4 dage, INDEN den planlagte dato for afgangen

As we are very busy at the moment, it would be a good idea to book a place on the individual trip well in advance, so you are sure to get your goods on the trip.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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