This tour starts from Fuengirola in southern Spain approx. June 2 - 3, 2020, where we drive towards Denmark.
Note that we drive in a truck as shown in the picture below, so it will require that it can be reached at the address in Denmark.

There is a possibility for some delaye or postponed due to the Corona virus!
If the ban in Spain continues, it is not possible to pick up the goods at your address, but we have solved this before by having it brought to the truck in a taxi!

We offer collections / deliveries in the countries we come through on our trip to Denmark.

Countries to which you can transport your cargo to or from are as follows:

Portugal - Spain - France - Luxembourg - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Denmark

If you want to book for your moving goods, you can do so via E-mail or contact us on tel .: +45 93831718 hvis du skulle have spørgsmål til fragten.

You can advantageously download our "Shipping Form" on the front page where you can fill in the different fields we need, in order to offer you a very good price on your transport of moving goods.

We hope that everyone takes care of themselfes and others in this Corona time, so that we can get out of the situation as quickly as possible and get back to a normal life.

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