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Why should you use EU Transport?

We have many years of experience in the industry, and spend a lot of energy on ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our service, and that their moving goods are transported in a safe and fast manner.



Transport of moving goods

EU Transport freight your goods throughout Europe, both for private and business.

Express transport

If you have an urgent case, you can of course also have your goods Express shipped.

Storage of household goods

At EU Transport, you can also have your cargo stored in Denmark or Spain.

Car & motorbike transport

EU transport also offers professional transport of your car or motorcycle throughout Europe.



We would like you to have the best experience, when it comes to payments.

When we have picked up your goods, you will recieve an invoice in your email. This invoice has to paid before we deliever your goods on your adress.

We do not accept cash payments


At EU Transport we also think about the environment ...

We know that it is important to protect the environment, therefore our cars are also environmentally approved until 2030 (euro6 approval)

This also means that we are allowed to drive in all cities across Europe, even though environmental zones have been created in more and more cities around Europe.

So even if you should have picked up or brought your moving goods to a city where others cannot pick up due to the new environmental zones, we at EU Transport can also handle this task.

We offer green environmentally correct transport smile


More benefits

At EU Transport, you can also get good advice on how to pack your moving goods so that they are not damaged during shipping. You also have the opportunity to read our regulations on this page.

Packing of moving goods

It is important that all your items are properly packaged before shipping. Get good advice here.


You can read more about EU Transport's conditions here.


Of course, we have the insurances needed if the damage should happen.

Let us do the work for you...

If you have any questions regarding the transport of your moving goods, you are very welcome to send us an email or call +45 93831718.

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